I am still not losing Belly Fat: See Why

Fat or thin Belly weight is increasing worldwide due to Insulin resistance

Fat or thin Belly weight is increasing worldwide due to Insulin resistance

How come I am still not losing belly weight? This is a common compliant amongst those who are dieting and exercising but cannot drop the excess fat around the stomach. In the United States and parts of Europe there has been an explosion in the numbers of cases of excess stomach fat. When we speak of obesity it is important to know that even 15 pounds overweight can be considered obese if it is concentrated in the stomach. There are many who are dieting and exercising but are still not losing belly fat, this is due to the rise of worldwide insulin resistance

The incredible rise in Global insulin resistance

Insulin resistance is the modern day plague that is ruing the health of a whole generation, if you are an American under the age of 50 today you are probably an insulin resistant person, there are over 100 million in the United States who are insulin resistant.

This means you

  1. Pre Diabetes: Over 70 million are Pre diabetic, this means that your cells are not accepting the glucose, you are insulin resistant
  2. Diabetes: If you are Type 2 diabetic you are insulin resistant, your cells are now immune to insulin and the sugar (glucose) is flooding your bloodstream causing rising blood sugar and weight gain
  3. Belly fat: You can be thin or heavy with belly fat, this is also due to insulin resistance

How did we become a Nation of insulin resistant people? The answer is food chemicals, the food manufacturers in the United States have sold the people out for profit, what this means for you is that the food makers put chemicals in your food that create obesity,diabetes and you can workout until you are blue but you are probably still not losing belly weight. This leads to harder work outs  that probably still does not remove the stomach fat, at this point many give up in frustration.

The big money in fake foods

If you create a fake sugar, salt, or fat you will probably become a billionaire, the reason for this is that food chemicals cause food addictions, people will become addicted to your unhealthy food and you get rich. This is the game in the food industry today.

Why soda was changed in the 1980’s: Soda did not cause obesity 50 years ago but one can today can start you on the road to insulin resistance, this happened become many became billionaires by added a fake and addictive sweetener called High Fructose Corn Syrup to foods and ALL sodas. This sweetener is not only in soda but beans,rice,canned meats,bread..etc This is just one ingredient that is causing our worldwide insulin resistance

If you are still not losing belly fat you are probably one of the 100 million who have been effected by food chemicals(Processed foods). A normal diet does not remove stomach fat today, only a diet designed to reverse insulin resistance was shown to reverse belly weight. See here The number one insulin resistance diet created in Europe and used in over 17 countries to finally lose the weight and belly fat

see here  Insulin Resistant Diet used in 17 countries

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