Even a little Belly Weight is dangerous

stomach flabbIf you are not losing belly weight you are one of the many millions in the United States and Europe who are insulin resistant, this is a very serious condition that can lead to heart attack and stroke even in those who are young. Stomach fat is one of the greatest threats to your body, it can shorten the lifespan. Researchers are showing that even a little belly weight is enough to trigger serious illnesses like diabetes. The bottom line is that you must remove the excess fat around your waist by reversing insulin resistance.

Why even a little fat on the stomach can cause serious illness.

Data from an Epidemiological Study on the Insulin Resistance Syndrome (DESIR) showed what we have revealed on the site for the past 4 year, it is clear that all stomach fat comes from insulin resistance, if you were born in the United States after 1950 there is a good chance you have stomach fat, almost 100 million in the United States are insulin resistant. We are a people who have been raised on processed foods and this creates insulin resistance and belly weight, this is not reversed with a regular diet. This is the first generation in the United States where more that 25% of children are carrying excess stomach fat.

An alarming research study has revealed that as the waist became larger the more insulin resistance in the cells and the more stomach fat

Study conclusion:

An increase in waist circumference remained significantly associated with progression to type 2 diabetes. “It is important to monitor and prevent increases in waist circumference, in particular for those with BMI<25 kg/m²,”

The prevalence of processed foods has created a generation of people who cannot lose stomach fat, take a look at your waist right now and if you see even a little flab you have been effected. We have come to accept this fat, diabetes,obesity and being overweight as normal but it is not. Insulin resistance(belly weight) is causing impotence in men and lack of intimate desire in men and women. This condition is not reversed with a normal diet, researchers in Denmark showed that only a insulin resistance diet permanently removed belly weight. Each day with stomach fat leads to more insulin resistance,heart disease and impotence.

stomach bluber

The number one insulin resistance diet created in Europe and used in over 17 countries to finally lose the weight and belly fat.

See here  Insulin Resistant Diet used in 17 countries

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