Help me lose weight, Science shows why we are not dropping the fat

Help Me Lose weight: Science reveals what works

Help Me Lose weight: Science reveals what works


The latest email that we received was clear, “help me lose weight”, this was the cry from a woman who had tried various of diets with very little success. Diet plans fail most people according to researchers in California, there is a scientific and biological reason why most diets fail to produce any significant change in bodyweight. Our readers comment was very direct “Help me lose weight”, in this post we will discuss what researchers show will really cause a change in your body.


The failure of dieting from a scientific view


UCLA researchers analyzed 31 diet studies that followed people two to five years after they went on diets. Between one-third and two-thirds gained back the weight they lost. Only a very small number were able to successfully maintain their weight loss. The reason dieting does not work in our modern western society is due to inflammation, researchers in Belgium have shown that most of our weight gain today is inflammatory weight gain from processed foods. The email we received entitled “help me lose weight” touches on the difficulty people experience losing fat, normal dieting does not reverse inflammatory fat on the body.


Inflammation and fat


According to a major study published in The Journal of Clinical Investigations (JCI) increasing evidence from human population studies and animal research has established correlative as well as causative links between chronic inflammation, body fat and insulin resistance. This is crucial information that most dieters are simply not aware of, it is inflammation from our modern day processed foods that are making us fat, a normal diet does not reverse inflammation related fat on the body. Inflammation from our modern foods is why dieting does not work. Almost all obesity, diabetes,and difficulty losing fat today is in some way linked to inflammation.

Those seeking help to lose weight must address inflammation, it is the key to losing excessive fat on the body.

The JCI study above concluded that obesity-related insulin resistance is, at least in part, a chronic inflammatory disease initiated in adipose tissue(fat). Modern day inflammation is the true cause of our childhood obesity crisis but how can we reverse this? Help me lose weight

Researchers in Denmark showed that a diabetic “styled” diet works for ALL people to reverse the damage from inflammation, this causes natural weight loss in people with or without diabetes. Few diets can reverse inflammatory body fat but a diabetic “styled” diet does.

In Europe a diabetic style diet caused people with or without diabetes who could not drop the excessive fat to experience fast and natural weight loss. There is no other permanent and natural loss of body weight than by reversing inflammation which is caused by our modern food chemicals. Over 4 Thousand of people in over 17 countries reversed inflammation from processed foods and the fat came right off, this is real natural weight loss from science.

SEE HEREA diabetes styled diet cause people with or without diabetes to lose weight



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